Who are Feasters?

You’ll spot them right away:

The ladies taking photos of their falafels for Instragram; the dudes with the brandy flight at the bar, sniffing each snifter in ecstasy and sipping each spirit with as much discerning intensity as a detective would employ in a crime scene; and the teenagers at the mall who circle the food court snagging samples of bourbon chicken, teriyaki tofu and other tasty treats, teaching their taste buds early on that trying all types of cuisines is the only way to live a rich existence.

All of them are Feasters.


Feasters see that life is finite, and because of that, they strive to seek out, soak up and savor extraordinary eating experiences every second that they’re fortunate enough to be alive. 

They know they’re in the minority, since so many others insist on living boxed-in lives with unnecessary, self-imposed restrictions and closed-minded attitudes about pretty much everything.

And they revel in the fact that they know better than the unfulfilled masses.


Feasters understand that there’s no other choice than to challenge themselves to find new flavors and see new sights; to meet interesting strangers, listen to their stories and turn them into friends; and to explore every corner of this Earth that they’re able to travel to before their time is up.

Because when you realize there are only 3,652 days in a decade, it really makes you think.


Life is short and unpredictable, so Feasters relish every experience and interaction that comes their way.  


They take food and cooking seriously, but most importantly, they know how to have an awesome time.

They’re hungry, thirsty, friendly, open, and ready for anything, and they exude this positive energy wherever they go.


If this sounds like you or something you’d like to be a part of, then welcome: you’ve stumbled upon a place where you’ll be accepted, embraced and exposed to some fantastic (yet totally unconventional) ideas about food, cooking and life.

I want to share my knowledge, stories and experience with you, and I hope you find inspiration and motivation to take your cooking, eating, and way of life to bold, uncharted territories.


Grab your forks — it’s time to Feast.