The Formula for Feasting Furiously

At Feasts of Fury, things are done a little differently.


We don’t concern ourselves with adhering to convention.

We fully support inter-cuisine relationships (some call it “fusion”).

And we find every possible reason to play with our food.


That being said, there are still some ideals that I’d like my fellow Feasters to abide by.

I’d hate to call them “rules” because everyone knows rules are meant to be broken.

Instead, I’d like to introduce you to the Formula for Feasting Furiously.  It’s nothing you wouldn’t expect, but it’s always good to lay stuff like this out there at the start so that no one experiences confusion later on.


Here’s the Formula:


1. Don’t be a dick – show respect for everyone and everything around you, including (but not limited to) knives, open flames, hot surfaces, and people you feel skeptical about.

2. Taste everything – continuously taste soups, stews and sauces that you concoct as they’re cooking so you can adjust salt, sweetness, sourness, heat or spice levels as you go; sample spices, sauces, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and condiments so you can store new tastes in your memory for future experimentation; and, never turn down the opportunity to try new foods in any form – you never know if something will become your new  favorite flavor.

3. Be careful – from personal experience, I know just how badly you can mangle yourself when you’re not being careful enough in a kitchen, whether it’s the time I burned myself in scalding deep-fryer oil as a drunken idiot during college while working at a bar that served food or the time I chopped off the tip of my thumb while I was (rather ironically) dicing up chicken fingers for a wrap while working in a restaurant.  Be aware of sharp stuff and fire, pay attention to pots and pans that have heat under them, and wipe up slippery surfaces before anyone has the chance to bust their ass.  Your phalanges, flesh and femurs will thank you.

4. Soak up information like a sponge – if you had the privilege to poll the world’s master chefs about preparing food, they’d all tell you the same thing: you can never stop learning when it comes to cooking.  They call it “culinary arts  in schools, but so many chefs (and culinary instructors) get bent on following tradition or recipes, taking the boxed-brained stance that “things are supposed to be this  way” instead of breaking barriers to create new flavors, techniques and approaches.  I never  want you to be that way.  Always take the curious, inquisitive and childlike approach to cooking (but use grown-up blades…), savor every exposure you have with excellent eats, and never pass up an opportunity to gain insights from others.

5. Have yourself a blast  – if there’s one feeling I intend to channel into my fellow Feasters, it’s the feeling of youthful rebellion that I still have every time I let my creative impulses take control in a kitchen.  Let your mind run amok.  Let your balls/ovaries hang out.  Be a boss .  Because in your  kitchen, the only rules are to make food that tastes awesome to you  and to have some fucking fun.  The kitchen is like a time-machine that takes you back to that feeling of freedom you felt during childhood when you got to play with blocks, action figures, crayons, dolls, or whatever toys you loved  because they let your imagination loose in the most unbridled way.

I want cooking to be your  time-machine, but it’s on you  to adopt these essential attitudes.